Son Of Man (parody of Iron Man, by Black Sabbath)

from by Pastor Brad



Son Of Man is a Christ-Centered parody of the classic metal tune--Iron Man, by Black Sabbath.

Are songs on STORM THE GATES parodies or just rewrites (A.K.A. “derivative works”)?

According to Webster's dictionary, a parody is "A composition in which the form and expression of serious writings are closely imitated but adapted to a ridiculous subject or a humorous method of treatment; a burlesque imitation of a serious poem."

This definition describes perfectly the songs on STORM THE GATES. I did my best to closely imitate the style and sound of the original compositions and I adapted them to a subject that seems utterly ridiculous to many non-Christ-following people. The primary message of every song is the Cross (I.e. the redemptive work of Jesus Christ at Calvary).

The Apostle Paul wrote, “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” (1 Corinthians 1:18) While my fellow Christians will view this message in the spirit that Paul describes above, as “the power of God,” many will likely perceive the whole thing as a gimmick or uninformed, naïve religiosity. I’m sure many will view the mixing of secular rock music with biblical lyrics as ridiculous or possibly even scandalous. Others will find it all quite amusing and humorous. I know that before I became a Christian, I felt there was something inherently funny (cheesy/ridiculous) about a “serious rock song” being used for “religious” purposes. For all of these reasons, in my view—the songs on Storm The Gates are the epitome of parodied music.


I am the Son of Man!
(Danel 7:13-14)

Verse 1
He will soon be dead
Crown of thorns upon His head?
Set Barabbas free!
Crucify the Nazarene!
(Matthew 27:11-26)

All who are thirsty
Come and drink your fill
(John 7:37)

All who are weary
Prophecy be fulfilled
(Matthew 11:28)

Verse 2
Nail Him to the tree
Watch him suffer! Watch him bleed!
His life for my sin He paid.
Then He arose on the third day!
(Matthew 27:45-28:10)

Guitar Solo

Verse 3
Power came from above
And filled God’s People with God’s Love
Peter did proclaim
Come be saved in Jesus’ Name!
(Acts 2:1-41)

Instrumental Segway


from Storm The Gates (2016), released April 26, 2016
All tracks, lyrics and musical arrangements by Pastor Brad


all rights reserved



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